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Whole Health Chiropractic


Holiday Stress Program!!


Purify Before and After the Stressful Holiday Season!


To help prevent illness, weight gain and fatigue, cleanse and purify your body and body systems with good tasting and effective nutritionals.  Contact the office for samples and/or product literature on how to get healthy naturally!! 



Please stop by our office for a copy of Dr. Michie's "Modified Mediterranean Diet", get a B.I.A. ( for $25 and about 5 minutes, you'll get a computerized assessment of your body fat%, hydration inside and outside of your cells, basal metabolic rate, calorie recommendations, BMI and more) and a quick "Body Scan" to see if there are any physiological or muscular imbalances that may be assaulting your health and preventing you from being "you".


Featured Product of the Month - September and October - "I5"

During the month of July, our featured product is "i5" from Xymogen. A superbly formulated product that tastes great, promotes detoxification, energy production, immunity and gut health.  This product "Rocks".  Visit www.Xymogen/.com for more information on this and their product line of cutting edge nutrionals sold only at select physician's offices.

Annapolis Chiropractor | Lean Out For Summer!!. Dr. John Michie is a Annapolis Chiropractor.