Clinical Nutrition

The practice employs individualized clinical nutritional evaluations . From general support to sub-acute and chronic conditions such as functional hypo-adrenia, chronic fatigue, hormone imbalances, sleep disorders, weight management issues, dysglycemia, auto-immune conditions, digestive disorders and cognitive challenges, the practice addresses each condition with natural approaches.

Advanced laboratory testing, patient history and intakes as well as applied kinesiology are clinical tools utilized for the uncovering of the causes of health challenges.

Thorough and aggressive nutritional protocols are first line approaches in most cases. Following test results, customized nutritional strategies are designed for each patient. Typical programs include food planning and dietary modifications as well as tailored nutritional supplementation. Nutritional supplementation is based on deficiencies and imbalances that are discovered during testing procedures.

Physician only nutritionals are precisely prescribed with confidence due to the strict sourcing, processing and assays that are incorporated into the manufacturing process. Only the best and most efficacious products are prescribed for the best possible results for patient care and management.

Dr. Michie works with all ages and a wide variety of conditions and incorporates collaborative support from physicians and/or allied practitioners for best results.

Nutritional Evaluations:

First Visit: Patient History, Evaluation and Initial Recommendations/Testing (60 minutes)

Second Visit: Report of Findings, Dietary and/or Nutritional Supplementation Recommendations, Test Results Assessment and additional clinical correlation (60 minutes)

Third Visit: Assessment and re-testing, program modifications (30 minutes)

Additional Visits: Continuation of program, intermitent modifications, additional follow-up testing and clinical correlation (30 minutes)

Fee: $250 (Visit 1 and 2), $50 (third and subsequent visits)

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