Kinetic Rehabilitation

Customized kinetic rehabilitation services are routinely prescribed by the practice to transition patients from passive to active care. This phase of care is critical and promotes sustained healing and stabilization thus preventing relapses and re-exacerbations.

Following pasive care, patients often drop out of care and this is the opportune time to begin deeper healing and moving the body into dynamic strength and stabilization. All too often, conditions fail to prorgess if rehabilitation is not part of the healing process. For this reason, Whole Health makes it a priority for all patients to transition into active care and doctor guided kinetic activities.

A state-of-the-art fitness and rehabilitation facility is conveniently located in the same building to allow easy access and utilization.

Spine and extremity rehabilitation, stabilization and strenghtening programs are prescribed in a custom manner to best suit each patient's needs.

Home programs are designed for convenience as well to accommodate special needs.

Strength Training, Core Training, Spinal Stabilization protocols, Flexibility Exercises and Proprioceptive protocols are frequently prescribed.

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