Patient Education And Seminar Programs

Patient Education

Whole Health Chiropractic dedicates quality time to patient's educational needs pertaining to health, the spine and nervous system, injury management, nutrition, rehabilitation, ergonomics, and radiology findings.

A detailed Report of Findings is provided to each new patient on their second office visit. The report is a comprehensive "wellness manual" with its sole purpose of guiding each patient through the healing process and customized care plan. The report reveals pertinent exam, radiological and health assessment findings as well as an itemized checklist of services, supplies and nutritionals that are relevant to each patient's healing path.

Seminar Series

Whole Health Chiropractic provides seminars and workshops on a variety of health topics. Seminars are conducted on site at Whole Health Chiropractic/Evolutions Body Clinic as well as off site at local venues.

Dr. Michie is available for speaking engagements and looks forward to speaking in public to promote health edcuation and wellness. Dr. Michie has presented publicly on numerous health topics at several venues across the state for the past 16 years.

A Sample of Educational Topics

Detoxification and Purification Program - Cleaning the inside and reducing the toxic load!

Unraveling Adrenal Fatigue

Spine Disorders and Conservative Management

Managing Sports Injuries

Understanding Autoimmune Disease

Functional Lab Testing and How to Interpret for Optimal Health

Inflammation - Putting out the Fire!

Running Injuries - Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention

Whole Food Nutrition and Supplementation

Bone Health - Building Bone Mass Naturally at Any Stage of Life

Dysglycemia - Keep Blood Sugar Stable

ADHD, ADD and Cognitive Disorders - Diagnosis and Natural Management

Sleep - Assessing, Restoring this Critical Phase of Life

Getting Back in the Game - A Clinical "To-Do-List" to Prevent Unecessary Set-Backs

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