Radiology Testing: X-Ray / MRI / CAT SCAN

Whole Health Chiropractic frequently prescribes radiological services to determine underlying causes of pathology and symptoms. After conducting thorough patient histories and evaluations, often additional clinical information is needed for accurate diagnostic work-ups.

X-Ray studies are beneficial for biomechanical issues as well as bone pathology and are best for revealing anatomical alignment. Since structure and function are usually intimately related and very relevant for chiropractic intervention, this form of radiology is often necessary.

MRI is the gold standard for neuro-musculo-skeletal pathology and provides profound clinical information that fosters pinpoint clinical applications. MRI scans are prescribed when the doctor feels that additional diagnostic investigation is warranted and presenting symptom profiles dictate.

CT Scans are prescribed in specific clinical circumstances in which pathologies are best revealed and/or clinical correlation is needed.

For our patient's convenience and most accurate diagnostic technology, Whole Health Chiropractic has established professional relationships with local radiological facilities and their radiologists such as Chespeake Imaging , American Radiology and Anne Arundel Diagnostics . These relationships allow easy access for patients, multiple radiology facilities and sites, quick turn-around time with radiological reports and cutting-edge imaging technology in the immediate area.

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