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Chiropractic massage is an excellent method for improving overall health and musculoskeletal efficiency.  Massage has a number of beneficial effects on the body and the mind.  Some of these include removal of toxins that can build up in the muscles of the body, increased circulation, and increased flexibility in not only the muscles, but also the connective tissue within the body.

Massage also can help with muscle spasms as well as soft tissue injuries.  Increasing the movement and reducing the overall recovery time by helping the body in the healing process. In addition, consistent massage has been known to increase balance.

Chiropractic Massage has proven to assist in the healing of a large number of conditions including back pain, surgery recovery, eating and sleep disorders as well as high blood pressure and diabetes among others.

Whole Health works closely with Evolutions Body Clinic and their diverse and highly qualified massage therapists. Interoffice communication and clinical collaboration are practiced to best serve mutual patients/clients for optimal patient outcomes and satisfaction. This relationship and arrangement is unique to the Annapolis area.

Dr. Michie frequently performs soft tissue therapy to support the healing process.

Soft tissue release, trigger point therapy, transverse friction massage, PNF and PIR stretching procedures are added to treatment plans to facilitate the progress in specific cases.

Conditions such as tendonitis, myofascial pain syndromes and muscular imbalances are addressed with specific hands-on and/or instrument procedures for optimal results.

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