Dr. John Michie was recommended by a friend who is also our handyman and who looks after our house when we're away.  I am kicking myself for not having gone sooner and after a few visits with Dr. Michie.  I have finally found someone worthy of replacing my former chiropractor, who retired after helping us for over 30 years and who was always referred to by his peers as "the man with the golden hands."  Yes, he was that good and was worth schlepping from Alexandria, where we lived for 30 years, to Takoma Park, to see a man who was on the Maryland Chiropractice Board of Examiners and who has won the Chiropractic of the Year award.

It was a real challenge finding a replacement who could adjust my back when I get into trouble and help manage the pain of arthritis, sciatica, and bursitis.  Well, the search is over and I have found someone who is not only able to adjust my back, but can also crack my neck properly (my last chriopractor could only do it half of the time) and is helping me with other health issues and has all the right equipment.

Dr. Michie has impressed both me and my husband, who sits in on all my sessions with the doctor.  Visits with Dr. Michie never feel rushed because he seems to truly care about my health.  He is skilled and extremely knowledgeable about a wide variety of health issues and he really works up a sweat when he adjusts my back.  His newsletter and website are both informative. He cares enough about his patients that he encourges and respons to e-mail.  How many doctors do you know that will allow direct access without going through a receptionist or other gatekeeper.

I wanted to share my experiences on Dr. Michie's website testimonial page and I've even sent out an e-mail message to friends and neighbors in my community, should they ever need chriopractic services.  He is conveniently located right on George Avenue, the block after Echos and Accents, right off Chinquapin.

They say you get what you pay for, if you're lucky, and like the folks who installed our generator, our sprinkler system, our landscaper, our roofer, our handyman, and our dentist, Dr. Michie has proven himself to be worth every penny we spent!  I definitely found a gem and one who is younger than I am and who won't be retiring any time soon.  He may not be right for everyone, but he is for me.  After my issues are futher along toward resolution, my husband plans to have his back and health assessed by the good doctor.

Margaret Delia 

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